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A: 01/10 - 29/03
B: 30/03 - 28/06 *** 31/08 - 29/09
C: 29/06 - 30/08

Weekly rates per person in double room with breakfast
285 Euro (A), 340 Euro (B), 400 Euro (C)

Weekly rates per person in single room with breakfast
410 Euro (A), 485 Euro (B), 530 Euro (C)

Roundtrip with 5 stations / stay in B&Bs or Hotels with breakfast / all year round / arrival - departure Alghero
Rates: from 285 Euro per person in double room with breakfast


Discover the fascinating and varied west coast of Sardinia, see a charming town with Catalan roots, vast sand dunes and picturesque villages. This round trip starts and finishes at Alghero.

1st day: Alghero
2nd day: Alghero
3rd day: Alghero / Bosa
4th day: Bosa / Tharros - Oristano
5th day: Bosa / Lago Omodeo
6th day: Lago Omodeo / Sorso
7th day: Sorso / Castelsardo
8th day: Sorso / Alghero

1st DAY: Individual arrival at Alghero and pick-up of rental car. After the check-in at the hotel Villa Maria Pia or a comparable accommodation next to Alghero, you can stroll through the beautiful center of Alghero. The city was conquered by the Spanish in 1354 and this influence is still present: even today some inhabitants still speah in an old Catalan dialect and the street names are also written in this language. Alghero boasts numerous medieval monuments and well-preserved fortification walls. Before we return to our accommodation, we dine at one of the nice restaurant (kilometers 20).

2nd DAY: After breakfast, we drive to the harbor of Alghero and reach by boat to the Capo Caccia Cape to visit the Neptune's cave, the Grotta di Nettuno: The entrance of this cave is about one meter above sea level, so from the sea the grotto is visible only with calm sea. It is possible to visit a part of the four kilometer-long cave, considered one of the most beautiful in the Mediterranean area. Anyone who wants can also reach Capo Caccia by car and reach the Grotto by a stairway cut into the cliff: The so-called Escala del Cabirol (engl. goat's steps) counts more than 650 steps.
In the afternoon we visit the nearby wine cellar Sella & Mosca, with a production of up to 4.5 million bottles per year one of the biggest in Sardinia. The wine cellars, where the grapes from Cannonau and Cabernet Sauvignon matures in oak casks, can be visited with a guide. After that visit we dine and return then to our accommodation (kilometers 50).

3rd DAY: After breakfast we drive south along a winding and panoramic coastal road and stay at Bosa, situated on the river Temo and dominated by the Castello Malaspina castle from the 12th century. We explore the charming town and stay at the centrally located Hotel Corte Fiorita or a comparable accommodation (kilometers 50).

4th DAY: After breakfast we take the highway SS131 in direction to Oristano and reach the peninsula of Tharros in the south, a brittle headland with sandy beaches and dunes and interesting excavations. We visit Tharros with a guided tour: a first colonization dates back to the 12th and 13th century BC, later the place was inhabited by the Carthaginians, the Phoenicians, the Punic, and finally the Romans. Tharros became due to its rich fishing waters and affordable places to anchor a major port and trading city.
After this Then we head north and past the (almost) deserted village of San Salvatore. Only in early September the place becomes lively, when the Sagra di San Salvatore is celebrated and the pilgrims come here to pray. Only a few kilometers away you will find the beautiful beach Mare Ermi, caracterized by its Caribbean blue waters and its fantastic beach covered with rice grain-sized pebbles (please do not take them away, violations are punishable with high fines!). About 350 meters from the beach, the small restaurant "Sole e mare" offers delicious fish meals and you can relax sitting under a covered sea-view veranda. Later we return to Bosa for the night (kilometers 150).

5th DAY: After breakfast we head to the small spa town of San Leonardo di Siete Fuentes, which offers numerous mineral springs and a small Roman-Pisan church, and then to the charming town of Santa Lussurgiu, built on a volcanic crater. About 2 miles from the outskirts and in the middle of the cork oak is the Cascata sos Molinos waterfall. At Bonacardo we can have lunch.
The next stop is near Paulilatino where we visit next to the pilgrimage church of Santa Cristina the remains of a Nuraghic manument located in a picturesque olive grove. The we continue to Fordongianus, which was called als Trajani forum in honor of the Emperor Trajan. Witnesses of this Roman influence are a bridge and a relatively well preserved spa. Towards the evening we follow the winding road along the Lago Omodeo lake to our accommodation (kilometers 100).

6th DAY: After breakfast we get north onto the highway SS131 towards Sassari. Along the way we visit the prehistorical Nuraghe Losa at Abbasanta and near Macomer the necropolis Filigoasa and the Nuraghe S. Barbara.
After a visit to the Romanesque-Pisan church of Santissima Trinita of Saccargia and a tour at Sassari we reach the village of Sorso, which is about 5 km from the sea and where we check into the B&B Nonno Gavino or a comparable accommodation (kilometers 120).

7th Day: After breakfast we will explore the north coast and visit the sea resort of Castelsardo and its beautiful old town with its narrow lanes. The municipal museum Museo dell Mediterraneo Intreccio exhibits traditional weaving objects. Overnight as day before (kilometers 50).

8th DAY: After breakfast we drive to the airport of Alghero, where we return the rental car. Individual departure or - if requested and booked - the beginning of the extension of stay (kilometers 40).


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