Car rental Sardinia – Hired Cars in Sardinia

You can easily and economically reserve a rental car for your holidays in Sardinia with a local agent. The car can be picked up in the airports of Alghero, Arbatax, Cagliari, and Olbia as well as in the towns Sassari, Tortoli, and Valledoria.

In Sardinia there are no tollways but they have comparable highways, the so-called "Super Strada (abbreviated to S.S.), that cross through the island like a great letter Y from the North (Sassari, Olbia, and Nuoro) over Oristano, to the Islands capital Cagliari in the South. If you have more time available you should definitely take the smaller roads to learn to know the island better. Do beware, however: the roads that have been marked in white on the maps, could well be very narrow as well as not being hardened, but they will surely offer you panoramas on breathtaking landscapes./p>

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