Alghero, a charming small town with more than 40.000 inhabitants and Spanish origins, is located on the northwest coast of Sardinia in the province of Sassari. In the last decades Alghero became a touristy center of the region which offers not only beach and sun but also culture and beauties of nature like Nuraghe di Palmavera or the Neptune’s Grotto

The town with its remarkable seafront, its wall of fortification and its centre with narrow lanes and old houses still retains its distinctive Catalan character which is seen for example in the bilingual road signs and the cuisine of the place.

The region around Alghero was settled since pre-historical times by a so-called Ozieri culture. Later at 1500 BC emerge the Nuraghe civilization with its impressive buildings of large stones and the characteristic Necropolis with the burial chambers.

he town of Alghero was founded around 1102 as a fortified port. Around 250 years later the Catalano-Arogenese conquer the town which became Spanish. In the 16th century Alghero received the status of King’s City and developed economically. In the meantime reigned by the Habsburg Spain in 1720 Sardinia and therefore also Alghero were handed over to Piedmont. During World War II Alghero was bombed heavily and a large part of the centre was destroyed.

Interesting spots in town fort sightseeing are The Cathedral of St. Mary, the churches of St. Michael and St. Francis, Palazzo Carcassona and Palazzo D’Albis, the Torre dello Sperone and last but not least the impressive walls of fortification on the seaside. To take a sunbath we recommended the nice beach Spiaggia delle Bombarde.

Alghero is famous for the proccessing of the red coral which is transformed by craftsmen mainly in beautiful jewellery.


Who wants to explore the immediate vicinity of Alghero can visit for example the famous and beautiful Neptune’s Grotto located about 15 km away from town on the peninsula of Capo Caccia. The cave complex is reachable by boat from Alghero or on foot via staircase.

Some important archeological sites nearby are the red and white premium and prizewinning wines exclusively from estate-grown grapes. The total area of the estate is about 650 hectares.

A winding coast road which offers beautiful panoramic views connects Alghero with the small village of Bosain the south. Bosa is located at the estuary mouth of the river Temo and is dominated by an impressive castle ruin. Approx. 3 km away from the town is the beach Bosa Marina.