Costa Rei, a 8 km long stretch in south-eastern Sardinia, is located about 50 km in the north east of Cagliari and 20 km away from Villasimiusis. The seaside resort is famous for its exceptionally clear water and its long, golden sandy beaches with reefs, islets and bays. Water sport lovers choose it for snorkeling and diving or for doing wind- or kite-surf.

The coastline with the hill Monte Nai and its rich vegetation of pinewoods and Mediterranean Macchia is bordered in the south by the rocky bays of Sant Elmo, and in the north by Capo Ferrato, a nature reserve characterized by dark volcanic rocks where no construction is allowed. From Capo Ferrato it’s possible to see the island of Serpentara and the smaller Cavoli island.

Costa Rei has a shopping centre with bars, restaurants, pizzerias and all kinds of shops.

Beaches of Costa Rei (from the south to the north)
Punta Is Molentis between Villasimius and Costa Rei. Cala Porceddu, Cala Pira,  Cala Sinzias, San Pietro, beach of Santa Giusta, lo scoglio di Peppino and Cannisoni, Piscina Rei and last but not least Capo Ferrato.

But Costa Rei is not only sea, sand and sun: some important archeological sites are worth the visit, like the megalithic complex of Piscina Rei with its more than 20 menhirs from the Neolithic period, and the Nuraghe Scalas. Other nuragic sites of interest are those of Figu Niedda and Sa Domu e’ s’Orcu.

Nature lovers and trekking or mountain-bike fans should visit the Parco dei Sette Fratelli in the territory of Castiadas, a beautiful mountain-park that gives hospitality to many protected species, among them the Sardinian deer.